The Goat Cave

The Goat Cave - EP 100: Van Homan

April 06, 2022 HVXGOAT PRODUCTIONS Season 1 Episode 100
The Goat Cave
The Goat Cave - EP 100: Van Homan
Show Notes

Today's guest is one of the most influential BMX riders of all time. He and his riding have helped shape BMX into what it is today through some of the most well known and respected video parts of all time. His well rounded style and dedication to sending some of the gnarliest tricks ever done has earned him the title of a legend in the industry. I'm so excited to be speaking with the one and only Van Homan. 

0:00- Intro/early years 
13:03- Being a lifer, and retiring from being a pro 
24:38- Van’s time on Schwinn 
32:54- leaving Schwinn and joining Fit Bike Co / what has kept Van with Fit 21 years later
38:54- some of Van’s favourite signature parts over the years
42:44- Van’s section in Seek and Destroy / crazy stories from Kitchener Ontario 
57:27- Van’s experience living in Japan / 2020 Tokyo Olympics 
1:34:27- Behind the scenes stories from Criminal Mischief, Fit Life, and Holy Fit 
1:55:41- Van’s first impression of Props BMX, and his many experience’s on Road Fools
2:02:52- The Kona gap Tailwhip 
2:06:55- what's it like to be on the road fools bus?
2:13:24- Van Homan’s Metro Jam experience. 
2:25:29- Why Van started wearing a helmet full time / X Games 2010 crash 
2:37:06- How BMX has evolved over the past 20 years 
2:49:21- Listener questions 
3:30:22- last question / show wrap up


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