The Goat Cave

The Goat Cave - EP 102: Ryan Howard, Zack Gerber, Bo Bowen

September 01, 2022 HVXGOAT PRODUCTIONS Season 1 Episode 102
The Goat Cave
The Goat Cave - EP 102: Ryan Howard, Zack Gerber, Bo Bowen
Show Notes

Today we sit down with the US/THEM Crew to discuss their new DVD "Salad Days", their first DVD, spot mods, being in the 30+ club, 3D printers, and many wild stories from over the years! 

0:00-intro/how US/THEM formed 
4:44- the first US Them video/spot usage when filming 
13:04-the second us them video, places traveled, 4 years to film, 
19:15- clips the crew was stoked on/spot mods 
35:34- Bo’s edibles almost killed someone, and other edible stories 
43:42- US/THEM Premiere at TOO KOLD/ more behind the scenes stories 
1:05:33- Ryans editing style/Zack's decision to not put a street flip in his new part/ Canadians
1:16:15- physical copies of videos in 2022/ music copyrights/ building a brand within BMX a lot easier then ever before
1:31:32- getting older within BMX/building a brand (continued)
1:47:39- Zack has been 3d printing parts
1:58:45- Howards current film set up
2:08:38- Howards X-up feeble down a curved rail clip from 15 years ago
2:11:51- Listener Questions/how Zack broke his leg
2:17:05-talking about a few more clips from Salad days
2:30:46- listener questions (continued)/ guns being pulled on BMX riders
2:45:00- listener question leads to the greatest story in all of podcasting history 
2:55:05- listener questions (continued)
3:00:00- Steven Hamiltons rail hop of destiny 
3:03:53- listener questions (continued)
3:09:52- Last Question, show wrap up

Buy "Salad Days" here! 


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