The Goat Cave

The Goat Cave - EP 095: Julian Molina

July 21, 2021 HVXGOAT PRODUCTIONS Season 1 Episode 95
The Goat Cave
The Goat Cave - EP 095: Julian Molina
Show Notes

Today's guest has one of the most inspirational stories to come from BMX, at the young age of 7 he lost his left leg after getting hit by a bus while skateboarding down a hill. A few years later he would save up money from selling chewing gum to buy his first BMX bike. Since then Julian Molina has had the opportunity to compete in X-Games “Real BMX” two years in a row after being voted fan favourite, he has started riding for GT Bikes, and has shown the world anything is possible with enough determination! 

Intro/early years (0:00-5:26)
Has Julian always rode with one crank arm?/ How Julian’s one crank arm set up works./ Why Julian doesn’t ride with his prosthetic leg. (5:26-12:07)
Julian’s X-Games “Real BMX” 2020 video part (12:07-35:44)
Learning English and grammar rules (35:44-42:57)
Julian’s X-Games “Real BMX” 2021 video part (42:57-1:09:43)
Would Julian ever consider riding in the Olympics? (1:09:43-1:11:59)
How did Julian get sponsored by GT Bikes? (1:11:59-1:15:35)
Julian’s experience at the “Rumble in Richmond” jam. (1:15:35-1:23:57)
Julian talks about living in the USA for the past 6 months (1:23:57-1:30:21)
Listener Questions (1:30:21-1:44:22)
Show wrap up and thanks (1:44:22)


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Wonderland Studios
Custom professional tattooing and piercing from Wayne Galbraith and Deacon Matheson.

Harvester Bikes
The best BMX shop in Canada.

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